We are MetaDoctor - life - a community of professionals in the area of medicine!

We believe that a true scientific community has no borders and jurisdictions and is beyond politics.
Nowadays, most people on our planet often do not have access to high-quality medical care, even at the level of consultations. And many have not known a way to solve their problems for years.

Key Points

We understand that we cannot help everyone, but we can provide high-quality consultations to establish a diagnosis and prescribe recommendations.
There are thousands of doctors of sciences and professors from different jurisdictions in our project.
The work is carried out anonymously for all parties, if the patient and the doctor are in the same jurisdiction, then further vision within the clinics is possible.
We have a personal approach for each case.
If a medical adviser who speaks your language believes that we cannot provide you with high-quality care, then we will not take any payments.
We are anonymous because each jurisdiction has its own rules. Payment is made only in cryptocurrencies.
We will not be able to guide everyone completely due to limited resources, but we will do our best to give you a solution and recommendations.
If the patient is dissatisfied for some reason, we are ready to take up the work again and carry it out for free or return the money.
Our goal is to help more patients in different countries by referring them to partner medical institutions if possible.